About Hi-chan

Prepare to be immersed in a chaotic universe of high-powered, kick-ass rock with Hi-chan, an exceptional singer-songwriter and accomplished musician based in Japan.

Despite her songs being exclusively in Japanese, Hi-chan’s passionate vocals and razor-sharp hooks will captivate you, transcending language barriers.

As a multidisciplinary artist, she fearlessly delves into the darkest depths of the soul while channeling the upbeat spirit of ’80s rock. The result? Songs that are instantly addictive and uniquely Hi-chan.

For over 10 years, this unstoppable entrepreneur has been delivering high-energy J-rock like nobody else. She goes above and beyond, hosting a weekly radio show, performing multiple live shows every week, actively engaging with fans on social media, and fronting not just one, but three incredible bands.

Get ready to experience the unstoppable force that is Hi-chan and her relentless dedication to rocking your world.

Hi-chan - Shaberanakereba (しゃべらなければイイオンナ)